SACREBLEU Studio founded in France in 2006 by animation director Guillaume Lebourg.


Migrated to Guatemala in 2008 with the goal to offer Central American region the quality and experience of audio visual project development.

In 2010, Sacrebleu Studio opened its doors to the first specialized school focused on Digital Animation in Guatemala. (Esarte Digital), keeping the compromise of expanding and developing the digital entertainment industry in the region.


Today we bring solutions and solve creative challenges, in accordance to the needs of our clients, from an institutional video to big budget Hollywood productions, guaranteeing differentiation and quality in each project.

With more than 15 years of experience and thanks to the trust laid by our clients, we continue to grow and being an excellent proposal for studios, enterprises, ad agencies and experience developers that require creativity and high quality standards, meeting clients satisfaction at a clear accessible price.


We enjoy working alongside passionate professionals, dedicated to their work. 

As founders of the University school program “Esarte Digital”, specialized in  3D Animation, Visual Effects, and Video games, we believe in the power of teamwork and combined talents.

Our forming of professionals in the field, combined with the required equipment and advanced technological development, allows us to be up to date with new industry tendencies, making our services maintain the international quality checks, summoning the appropriate workforce to the table and promote Guatemala as a destination for investment in the creative industries.

Our team in constant formation continue to be engaged in delivering to our clients the best service breaking the wall between content and spectator.